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The CORE Conference Ranking Exercise - CORE Portal

 The CORE Conference Portal provides a collection of information about conferences that Computer Science academics frequently, or occasionally, publish in.  Information includes venue title, commonly used acronym, publisher or sponsoring society, and information from previous venue ranking exercises (CORE 2008, ERA 2010, CORE 2013), and FoR code(s). In addition, for any changes made in  2013, information to justify the change is provided. This practice will be continued for all subsequent changes. 


A peer commenting facility for individual venues, using Linkedin login to authenticate, allows for qualitative information to be supplied. This includes a set of qualitative judgements about venue characteristics along with commentary. Free text comments should adhere to acceptable academic standards of discourse.(Commenting is not yet available, but will be soon).


The portal uses the following ranking categories, derived primarily from earlier CORE ranking exercises. 

A* - flagship conference

A - excellent conference, determined by a mix of indicators

B - good conference, determined by a mix of indicators

C - other ranked conference venues


Additionally, from 2013:

Australasian - a predominantly Australasian venue 

Unranked - insufficient information is available to judge ranking

Local/national conferences that are not Australasian are not included in the 2013 list, though they are still available in the Portal, if they were part of 2008 or 2010 lists.


Searches are string matches on any partial string, and can be filtered by name, acronym or FOR code if desired. 


Query results can be ordered by any one of the listed column values ascending or descending. 


Bug reports regarding the functioning of the Portal should be sent to, giving as fulla description as possible, including how to reproduce the problem. Please include what operating system and browser you used.

Comments regarding errors in the data (e.g. wrong names or acronyms, multiple entries, etc.) should be sent to

Any other discussion should be via the wiki at

We are not currently accepting requests for changes or additions, but expect there will be a new call for such in 2014.

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