Journal Rankings

The ERA Journal Ranking Process

Since 2006, CORE has been engaged in an exercise to rank journals in which its members publish.  In late 2008, this was overtaken by an Australian Government exercise, the ERA (Excellence in Research for Australia).  The Australian Research Council (ARC) began a ranking exercise of all journals in which Australian researchers had published in 2003-2008.

These journals were allocated up to 3 Field of Research Codes.

They were also allocated a rank of A*, A, B or C.
Not ranked means a newish journal.

The full list of journals ranked by the ARC as of February 2010 may be found at

Ranking of Computing Journals

Computing journals are largely allocated to 08 codes.
The 08 journals have been extracted from the above list and are presented below sorted in various ways. The original ERA format has been preserved for each journal.

It should be noted that while CORE had substantial input into this process, it is not always responsible for the assigned rank, the allocated 08 code or the code order.  It has virtually no responsibility for other codes that may be attached to a journal.

It should also be noted that journals in 0806 were largely contributed and ranked by ACPHIS -

Journals in 0807 were largely contributed and ranked by

Updates to Rankings

The ERA journal ranking list is definitive until the ERA exercise in Australian Universities is completed.  There will be no changes until 2011 at the very earliest.

CORE is taking this opportunity to refine its metrics and update processes for journal rankings.  Details will be published on this site when they are available.

Lists of 08 Journals

1. Sorted alphabetically by full title
2. Sorted by rank, then alphabetically by title
3. Sorted by FoR code, then alphabetically by title
4. Sorted by rank, then by FoR code, then alphabetically by title
5. Sorted by FoR code, then by rank, then alphabetically by title.

It should be noted that in the case of the last 3 lists, the first 08xx code for a journal is the one used in the sort process.

CORE February 2010